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New Car 6 Sensors Front And Rear Parking Distance Digital Dual Display Parking Sensor 10-Color

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Function Description:
1: Digital display: the traditional reversing parking sensor will only provide a digital display & shows only a recent obstacle distance. Digital dual display reversing sensor is to overturn the traditional design and to handle the front & real data of the car from different processors , separate display, you can clearly see the car from the front of the car obstacle when reversing, make reversing easier and more convenient & safer.

2: The Smart Start function: For the traditional 6 or 8 probe reversing sensor, the front sensor is powered by the brake lights, when the driver brakes, regardless if there is any obstacle or not. in front of the vehicle, the display will soon light up, light and light Article affect the driver's vision will made of security risks, especially at night. Digital dual display reversing sensor is new design, more intelligent, when braking, the senser starts, but at this moment the display will not lights up., only when there is an obstacle enters the detection area, the display will start work. More humane, more scientific.

3: The new upgrade: Traditional 6 or 8 reversing sensor, when it reversing, the car just started four sensors. Dual display reversing sensor is new upgrade, dual-core work, when reversing & start the four sensors backside of the car, it will also start the 2 font sensors of the car to prevent rubbing angle when reversing.

4: Multifunction button: For the traditional reversing sensor, it will only rings a single alarm sounds, either buzzer, either voice, it always can not be selectable. The new dual display sensor, providing a sound switch button, users can switch key display, in silence, buzzer, voice (optional) or voice (optional) + beep four voice mode, mutual switching.

5: Sound button: traditional reversing sensor, in order to save costs, generally will not provide volume plus and minus function, because this requires a strong CPU support. But the dual display reversing sensor provids 7 levels for the user to control the sound , only true dual-core can do.

Rated voltage:12V
Operating voltage range:10.5~16VDC
Rated current:20Ma~200Ma
Distection real distance:0-2.5(m),front distance:0-0.8(m)
Ultrasonic frequency:40KHz
Working frequency:40KHz
Working temperature of main unit: -30~+80 degree C
Working temperation of LCD display:-20 ~ +70 degreeC
When braking then the front 4 sensors will start working ,& after brake releasing will keep working for 20sec.
When Reverse the gear the real & front left & right sensors will start working., & after the gear back to Parking the front 4 sensors will keep working for 20sec.


1x LCD Display Monitor(Wire:More than 5meters)

1x Contorl Box
4x 2-meter Sensors(Rear)
2x 6-meter Sensors(Front)
1x Power Cable
1x 22mm Holesaw
1x Manual

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