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Car 6 Sensors Front&Rear Dual View Parking Sensor Backup Radar System +Monitor+16.5mm Camera

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This Dual View Parking Sensor System Include Three-part:
Part(I):6-Sensor front&Rear Dual View Parking Sensor Backup Radar
Part(II):3.5 inches Digital TFT LCD Monitor Display
Part(III):16.5mm Car Original/Mirror Image Switchable Camera

(I)6-Sensor Front&Rear Dual View Parking Sensor Backup Radar
Turn on automatically while Braking or Reversing,Left&right direction indicator
and the obstacle image and distance display on the monitor,the Beep Sound Alarm
and Speaker English Live Voice can detect the faulty sensors.Embeded
type sensor in 10 colors(Default Color: Black),if you need other color leave us

How It Works?
(1) Red wire connect to ACC +12v.
(2) Black wire connect to -GND.
(3) White wire connect to brake light +12v anode.
(4) Black/White wire connect to backup light +12v anode.
(5) When you select reverse gear,the backup light turn on,
the rear 4 parking sensors (A,B,C,D)and rear camera were activated to work.
(6) When you push down the brake pedal,the brake light turn on,the front 2 parking sensors(E,F)
and front camera were activated to work.
(7) When you select reverse gear,and push down the brake pedal,ONLY rear 4 parking sensors(A,B,C,D) work.

Rated voltage: 12V
Operating range: 10.5~16V
Rated current: 40~800mA
Power Dissipation:5W
Detecting distance: 0.30~2m(rear)/0.3~0.8m(Front)
Ultrasonic frequency: 40KHz
Working temperature: -30~+70 degree Celsius

Item Include:
1 x Main box
6 x Sensors
3 x RCA connecting cables
1 x Speaker
1 x AV adapter connector
1 x Power cord
1 x 22mm drill

(II)3.5 inches Digital TFT LCD Monitor Display
TFT Display mode:4:3
Pixels:320*240 RGB
Format:PAL or NTSC
Power supple:DC12V(+/-10%)
Power consumption:<5W
Two video input
The LCD Can be rotatable by joint of base
Operating temperature:-10-+50
Storage temperature:-20-+60
Size :110MMx67MMx14MM

Item Include:
1 x 3.5inch LCD Monitor
1 x power Cord

(III):16.5mm Car Original/Mirror Image Switchable Camera
Support Reverse/Mirror Image Or Original Image Switchable Function
Support Distance Grid Line Switchable Function
Waterproof IP Rating:IP68
Image feature:CCD (Made in Japan)
TV System:NTSC(if need PAL,pls send the message to us)
Effective pixels:NTSC:728*582 (PAL:728*512)
View angel:170°
Horizontal Resolution(TV lines):480TV lines
minimum illumination:0.6Lux/F1.2
current consumption:Max 120mA
Power Supply:DC12V
Working temperature:-20C°~70C°,Max Rh95%
Storage temperature:-40C°~80C°,Max Rh95%

Item Include:
2 x 16.5mm Original/Mirror Image Switchable Cameras
2 x Power Cord
2 X RCA Cable


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