Auto Blade Fuse Holder Add-a-circuit TAP Adapter 5A/5A/30A Mini/Small/Medium ATM APM Blade Standard Car Fuse Box Wire

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No "SPLICING" or "WIRE CUTTING" necessary to install your electronic accessories.
Suitable for Mini (ATM, APM) fuses up to 10 amps.
Used with Micro (LOW PROFILE mini, APS, ATT) to connect 10 amps.
Easy installation of additional circuits without cutting, splicing or welding.
A fuse slot is converted into two, thus providing a separate protection for each circuit.
Fuse Length: 18cm

How to installation :
1. Remove the existing fuse from the fuse box and insert the fuse into the bottom slot of the fuse plug.
2. Insert the appropriate fuse for the new accessory into the top slot.
3. Align the new active line with the blue docking terminal on the fuse switch.
4. Insert the fuse plug into the original fuse box slot of the fuse box.

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