1pcs Black/White Adsorption Anti Slip Car Mat Large Cute Spider Car Phone Mat

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1.The surface of dusty viscous drop, please rinse with water.
2.The product is environmentally friendly materials,contact with the soil will break down naturally,will not cause pollution.
3.The product is aviation-type high polymer elastic material,high temperature,deformation,
and can be used at temperatures below zero, non-toxic,have amazing adsorption.
4.Can be attached to any flat position in the automotive,can stick to and protect your phone,
cd boxes,glasses,cigarette cases,business cards,paper and other moving objects,and will not be any damage to veneer.

Product name:Spider series super mat
Product features:Eco-friendly materials,super slip,360-degree super tack slip.

1.Before use, wash with water before placing mat position,remove surface wax,wax and non-slip mat to prevent surface
chemical reaction,damage dashboard,you can increase the absorption edge!
2.Easy stripping of the instrument panel (such as the fit,Accord,Honda,etc.)or the use of non-table board wax may cause adhesions diaoqi,please do not use!
3.Place perfume,please do not let spilled perfume products and instrument panel between the injection to avoid chemical reactions,damage dashboard!
4.Non-slip surface of the pad is dirty,the adsorption force will be weakened,the course should always be cleaned with water(recommended 1-2 times a week)to dry before using.

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