1pcs Black/Beige Car Seat Tray Mount Food Table Meal Desk Stand Drink Cup Holder

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Product Name:rear seat drink holder
Product Type:Universal all models
Product size:L25×W15×H4 cm
Material:Main body PP,accessory TPR(super new material)
Product Weight:0.32KG

Car dining disk using high quality HDPE refined.Is a long-distance driving pleasure assistant,with multi-functional,convenient and practical features,
as long as the system tray at the rear seat against the upper,you can easily use the dining car plate folding slim,easy to carry,positioning firm,
compact design,large capacity,is a car travel and family who placed drinks,food of essential supplies.
1,the new ultra-thin design,easy to install and easy to take
2,ultra-capacity memory settings,practical and convenient
3,the use of non-polluting,clean-type material,safety and health,so that customers with the confidence,peace of mind to eat!
4,containing drinks and food trays bracket

Instruction manual:
1,is usually fixed to the back of the chair.It can be placed drinks,snacks and other items.
2,the two sides can hang plastic bags for garbage.
3,Place small objects picked up the mobile phone,coins,pens,will not fall.

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